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The appearance of the Virgin with baby Jesus

Some days later, Rosa disappeared from her home. Maria in anguish searched for her everywhere but could not find her, and then her mother's heart got ​​her to realize that her daughter should have gone to the cave, as she often said that the lady in white called her out. So he hurried to the cave Guáitara, and she rejoiced that her mother's heart had not deceived her. She saw her daughter kneeling in front of lady in white playing, in a loving and familiar way with the child, who had come down from the arms of his mother to allow the girl enjoy his divine and sublime tenderness. Maria kneeled down before such beautiful sight; she had seen the holy Virgin for the first time.
Maria, afraid of getting looked down by her relatives and neighbors, who had not believed what she had already told them, chose keeping quiet about it. She began to frequent the cave, and step by step filled it up with wild flowers and tallow candles which her daughter helped her put on the stone pathway.
Time passed, but the secret was known by Rosa and Maria, until the day the girl fell seriously ill and then soon died. Mary, very distressed, decided to take the girl's body before the Lady of Guáitara at her feet. Once there, she reminded the Virgin all the flowers and candles Rosa used to bring her and asked her to bring her back to life.
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