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(to be prayed once every month)

Holy and Blessed Lady of Las Lajas, thee have been constituted as the helper of the Christians, 
blessing and protecting the homes where you are praised and honored
 in your presence and sacred image: We choose thee, today and forever for being the 
Lady and owner of this home, and we beg thee to deign to showing in it your almighty help, 
keeping us form illness, fire, lighting, floods, quakes, burglars, discordances and the perils of war.
Bless and protect the people dwelling here and grant them the peace, great faith, true love to God and 
neighbor, patience in the sorrow, hope of eternal life, joy in the daily work, jobs and studies, and the 
grace to prevent us from bad example, any vice, any sin, any condemnation for eternity and every 
other misfortune and accident.

Oh, our lady conceived without sin,
pray for us who
have recourse to thee
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